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************ PLEASE NOTE ************

Econnect/Network Connect is no longer available via:

The new Address for US access is: https://us.econnect.amat.com/
Please enter this new address in the URL field of your browser.

Please update any shortcuts, links, or any other access points
currently used to get to eConnect/Network Connect.
If you have any questions, please:
Call:Global Help Desk (Ext. 22222)
If you are experiencing any problems connecting to Network Connect, please try the following options before calling GIS SD:
  1. Please click on Tools -> Internet Options -> Delete (Make sure cookies is chosen and then hit delete. Then close the browser and try to connect again)
  2. Please click on Tools -> Internet Options -> Advanced -> Reset (Please make sure, delete personal settings are chosen and then hit reset. Close the browser and try again.)